Viewing your Jobs and Tasks


There are three ways to view your Jobs and Tasks in Telstra Trades Assist:

  • in Jobs
  • in Calendar
  • and if you are using an iPad, in the Planner

This article will show you how to view your jobs in Jobs on the iPhone.  If you are using an iPad, it will be similar.

Tip:  Learn how to use the calendar here, Learn how to schedule jobs using the planner on iPad here.

Viewing jobs or tasks in Jobs

  1. Tap
  2. Jobs visible to you, current and future, will appear. Jobs and Tasks are grouped together and are identified by their title. Scroll up and down for additional Jobs and Tasks.





  1. You can tap  in the bottom right-hand corner for additional actions, including Accepting or Declining the Job

Tip: Learn how to accept or decline a job using the mobile app on your iPhone or iPad here.

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