Cancelling a Job or Task


Sometimes you may have to cancel a job or task which has been scheduled to you but not yet started.  Once a job has been started, it cannot be cancelled from the iPhone or iPad app and needs to be cancelled from the Admin Console.  Speak to your admin if you’ve started a job that needs to be cancelled.

This article will show how to cancel a job or task using the iPhone App.  If you’re using the iPad App, it will be similar.

Cancelling a Job is different from declining a Job. Declining a Job only occurs when a Job has been scheduled to you and you are unable to perform the work. Only a worker with access to approve all jobs, not just their own, will be able to cancel a job.

Tip: Learn more about declining Jobs here.

Tip: Learn more about how permissions work within Telstra Trades Assist here, otherwise contact your Administrator.

Below is a summary of job statuses:


Quote has been accepted, but the Job has not been Scheduled/Assigned to a worker


Quote has been accepted, Job was assigned to you and is waiting for you to acknowledge


Quote has been accepted, Job was assigned and accepted by another worker.  Work has not started.


Quote accepted, Job assigned and accepted by you.  Ready to be started.


Work on Job has started and is awaiting completion.


Cancelling a Job, Quote or Task

  1. Tap 
  2. Find the Job you want to cancel. Remember, it must show, ,or 


  1. Tap , then tap . Alternately, you can tap the Job to view the details, tap  for options and select  from the menu.





  1. You will be prompted to confirm you want to cancel the Job. Click to confirm the cancellation.


  1. If you are in the Job list, the Job will be removed from view. If you are looking at the details, the top title will change to reflect the cancellation.



  1. The job will then update to show as cancelled when viewed by your admin in the admin console.




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