Starting a Job

Once a job has been scheduled to you, you will receive a notification on your iPhone or iPad asking you to either accept or reject the job.  This article covers how to start a Job on the iPhone App once it’s been accepted.  If you’re using the iPad app, it will be similar.

Tip: Learn how to accept or decline a job from an iPhone here.


Finding the Job

You can find scheduled jobs on Jobs or Calendar

  1. Tap  or mceclip0.png
  2. Find the Job you want to start by scrolling through Calendar or Jobs or searching by name on Jobs



  1. Tap . Alternatively, you can open the Job to view the details and then tap  for options and select  from the menu.


  1. The status bar at the top of the Job will change to indicate the Job is now in progress
  2. The action button at the bottom of the Job now gives the option to 





Tip: Learn how to start a split job using the mobile app here, and learn how to complete a job using the mobile app here

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