Once you have activated your Telstra Trades Assist account, logging into the iPhone or iPad app is easy.   This guide shows you how to log into the iPad or iPhone app.

Tip: Learn how to activate your Telstra Trades Assist account and set your password here 

Tip: Install the Telstra Trades Assist app on your iPhone or iPad to be able to log in. Learn how to get the app here 


Accessing the App

  1. Tap the Telstra Trades Assist app icon


  1. Enter your Telstra Trades Assist username (your email) and password you set when you activated your account
  2. If you have Fast Login Setup, enter your pin code or use your Touch ID or Face ID to log in, otherwise tap  to use your username and password



Tip: Set up a fast log in when you log into the Trades Assist appLearn how to set up Fast Login here.

  1. When logged in, you will see your calendar for the day



Multi Environments

If you have access to more than one account, you will see the options here.

  1. Tap the account you wish to log in to



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