Once you’ve received an email inviting you to join Telstra Trades Assist, the first step is to activate your account.

When you activate, you’ll be asked to set a password which will give you access to Telstra Trades Assist either through the Admin Console on your laptop and/or the app on your iPhone or iPad.

This article will show you how to activate your account and set up your password.


Activating your account

  1. Check your email inbox for an email welcoming you to Telstra Trades Assist.

  2. Click the  button to begin the activation process
  3. You will be prompted for your contact name, business name, and contact number
  4. A ‘create your password’ box will prompt you to create a password for your account


Once you have filled in the required information, your account is now active. 

Tip: Tip: Learn how to log into the iPhone or iPad app here and learn how to get the Telstra Trades Assist app here


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