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Your work Calendar is the first thing you will see when you log into the Telstra Trades Assist mobile app.

Here you will see your Daily work schedule with easy access to all your jobs and tasks so you can manage your workday. You can also switch views to map or agenda to complete your work.

This article will demonstrate how to use to Calendar on iPhone to manage your daily schedule. Click here to learn how to use your calendar on the iPad.

Calendar view on iPhone

When you log into the Telstra Trades Assist App on the iPhone app it opens to your daily Calendar.  If no jobs have been scheduled to you a ‘Nothing scheduled yet’ message will be displayed. Otherwise, any Jobs or tasks scheduled to you will be displayed for the current day.

  1. To access other days of the week, swipe the dates along the top of the Calendar to left or right then tap on a date to see that day’s schedule.
  2. Alternatively, tap the month in the top left corner to open a monthly calendar and scroll to select the day.

  1. Tapping  at the bottom of the Calendar will take you back to the current date.
  2. Calendar days appear will appear with a blue circle to show your scheduled time for that day.

  1. Your available hours are listed under the date. In the example above, the worker has 2hrs available for scheduled work on Thursday 29th.


Accessing Jobs in Calendar view

Scheduled Jobs appear as appointments in your Calendar and show the Job Number, Job Title and the Status of the Job.

  1. Tap on the Job Appointment to open the Job Detail.

  1. Scroll up and down to the Job detail screen to see the customer and job details, labour and materials and any notes attached to the job.
  2. Cancel out of this screen to return back to your Calendar


Action a Job Appointment

Within Calendar view you can tap on the  on the Job Appointment to access the job menu. The options presented will depend on the job status and your mobile app permissions.

In the example below, the Job has been scheduled but the worker now needs to accept or decline the Job.

If the worker selects . the job status will change from scheduled to assigned.

If the job is declined, the job will leave the worker’s calendar and an Admin will be notified.

In this example, the Job is ready to start. When you tap  on a job the status will change to In Progress.

Select  on the Job Appointment and the action will now be to complete the Job.

  1. When  is selected the worker will start the complete process, which confirms the labour and materials used on the Job and captures the customer signature.
  2. When a Job is complete it is removed from the workers Calendar and moved to completed Jobs in the Job Tab.


Viewing other workers’ Calendars

If a worker has permission to view other workers calendars they can select the worker to view their daily calendar

  1. In Calendar, tap on  above the calendar which by default will display your name.

  1. Select the worker from the list to display their calendar


Map View in Calendar

Change to Map view to show a worker’s daily travel journey. In map view you can also access your Jobs using the map pins to show the Job detail.

  1. In Calendar, tap the map  icon in the top right of the screen to display your jobs and travel route for that day.

  1. Use the Calendar dates to move between days

  1. Each job has a map pin with a number to show the order that jobs have been scheduled.
  2. Map Pins will change to show the status of the Job.

In the example below, one Job has been Completed and the other is In Progress.

  1. Tap the map pin to see a short summary of the job.

  1. Tap this summary to get an expanded view of Job and Customer details

  1. Tap Cancel to return to Map view.
  2. Touching the map with two fingers allows you to rotate the map, zoom in and out, and tilt the perspective.


Agenda View

To view a list of your scheduled Jobs, tap on the Agenda View  icon in the top right corner.

Agenda view lists your scheduled jobs from the current day looking forward over the next 30 days.

  1. Tap  Agenda view for a list of all your scheduled Jobs and Tasks.

  1. Tap on the appointment to show the Job Details.

  1. Select the Job menu  to action the Job
  2. Cancel to return to the Agenda view.


Create a new Job in Calendar

  1. To create a new in Job, tap on  in the top right corner of the Calendar.
  2. A menu will appear with an option to create a new Job/Quote or New Task.

Tip: Learn how to create a new job/quote here

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