Generating an Invoice

Once a Job has been completed it is now ready to Invoice.  Depending on your business options a generated invoice can be automatically emailed to your Customer or you may have elected to send Invoices from your Accounting System.

Generating an Invoice will always create a copy of a PDF for your records in Trades Assist.

This article will show you how to generate an Invoice using the Trades Assist Admin Console.



Generating an Invoice

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  from the expanded menu


  1. You will now see a list of all previously generated invoices

  2. Click  in the top right-hand corner to open a list of completed Jobs 

  3. Click  to view quoted and actuals of the Job. If you need to adjust the job actuals select the  tab and  after all information has been entered.
  4. When you’re happy the Job totals are correct, Click the tick box  on the right-hand side of job to be invoiced.
  5. Click  to create an invoice.
  6. New invoices will appear in the Invoice list.
  1. The invoice PDF can be accessed by clicking on  on the right-hand side. This will download a copy of the PDF to your local files.
  2. A copy of the Invoice PDF will always be accessible from your Invoice List.


TIP: Click here to learn how to switch off email invoices if you have selected to always email invoices generated in Telstra Trades Assist to the Customer.

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