Viewing a Customer

Telstra Trades Assist stores all your Customer information and makes it easy for workers to access Customer details while in the field.

Using the mobile app, a worker can add a new customer, retrieve a customer record, call or email a contact and see all active jobs assigned to the Customer.

Tip: Viewing customers on the mobile app is the same for both the iPhone and the iPad. The only difference is the screen size

This article will demonstrate how to view Customers using the iPhone.


Viewing a Customer

  1. Tap  from the Taskbar at the bottom of the app
  2. A list of your Customers will appear in alphabetical order. 

  3. Type your Customer Name into  to quickly retrieve a Customer record
  4. Tap on the customer to open their Details


  1. In this view, you can scroll up and down to access the customer contacts, site addresses, current jobs, notes and customer history.
  2. Where there are multiple contacts, site addresses, jobs or notes, you can swipe left or right to move from one card to another. Tap  in the top right of each section to see all cards.
  3. Clicking on customer history enables you to view all past jobs

Tip: Learn how to create a job directly from the Customer here.

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