Managing your Business Profile

Your Business Profile stores your business details and lets you manage your business options for sending email templates from Trades Assist.

To Get Started using Trades Assist, you would have updated your Business Profile with this information and set your preferred options.  

This article will show you how to update or change your Business Profile settings using the Admin Console.


Accessing My Business Profile

  1. Click the  icon on the top right hand corner of the Admin Console. You will be presented with a drop-down list

  2. Click  to open the My Business profile.


My Business details

Your Business Profile will open on the Details tab showing your Business Details.

The information in your Business Details appears on automatically generated quotes and invoices sent from Trades Assist.   

  1. Update your Business logo by clicking on the delete icon then click on the Camera icon to upload another file.

  2. Once it is uploaded, centre the logo by dragging the slider below the image, then click the button to save the logo.


My Business Options

Business Options allows you to set expiry dates on quotes, auto-create settings for Repeating Jobs, set email options for sending Invoices and customise your email templates.

Learn more about repeating jobs here.

  1. By default, quotes are set to expire after 30 days, but you can change this by typing in the number of days you prefer expiry to be set. This will appear on quotes that are emailed to your customers.

  2. Repeating jobs are set to appear in your jobs list 15 days before the job is due to start, giving you just over two weeks to plan and schedule repeating jobs.

    If you have regular jobs that you like to plan and schedule further in advance, you can increase the timer here.

  3. Telstra Trades Assist has a default setting to email invoices to customers when an invoice is generated.

    If you prefer to email invoices from your accounting system set to Never to disable emailing invoices from Trades Assist.

  4. Telstra Trades Assist comes with a set of standard templates for quotes, invoice and purchase orders. If you want to have your own look and feel, you can build custom templates here {LINK: Custom Email Templates}

    Click here to see what standard templates in Telstra Trades Assist look like.


Bank details

The Bank details tab is where your business bank account details are stored to appear on invoices sent from Trades Assist.

Tip: Make sure you fill in your bank details correctly so you can get paid quickly!

  1. Under the Customer payment details heading, fill in your Account name, BSB number, and Account number.
  2. Once you’re happy these details are correct, click to save these details to your business profile.
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