Uploading Parts and Stock

Many of your jobs will likely require using parts and materials to complete them.  In Telstra Trades Assist you can add and manage your parts and materials and allocate them to new quotes and jobs.


Bulk Upload Parts

If you have an existing parts list or if you are managing your parts in another system and want to import them into Trades Assist you can upload these into Trades Assist using the bulk upload facility.

Tip: Export your parts from another system into a .csv file so they can be uploaded to Telstra Trades Assist. Please review your systems manual or help guide to learn how to do this.

Tip:  You can also sync your parts across from MYOB or Xero. Learn how to integrate Telstra Trades Assist with MYOB here, or here for Xero.

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  from the expanded menu

  3. Your parts list needs to be in a .csv (comma separated value) format (eg. Excel spreadsheet) Choose  to download the Trades Assist template for entering your parts
  4. Open the downloaded CSV file and, if prompted, click on

  5. Click  at the bottom of the template.
  6. Start adding information into the columns. The more information you enter, the easier it is to order and assign stock in Telstra Trades Assist.

    Column Name




    Part No.

    Part number of the product to load. Will be used first to match against existing parts in the Telstra Trades Assist system.



    Part Name

    Name of the part being loaded. If the part number match fails, the part name will be used to match against existing parts.



    Part Type

    Has to be Material or Cost.



    Part Group

    A grouping for the type of part being loaded. This will be used to match against the system part groups. If no match then the part group will be created by the system.



    Cost Price

    The cost price to you of this part.




    The Sell price to your customers for this part.



    Tax Code

    Tax description that applies to this part. The description must match a tax code in your Telstra Trades Assist system.




    Y, N or blank. If this part is tax except then specify Y. 



    Tax Exempt Code

    The exception code can be blank



    Preferred Supplier

    Preferred supplier name matching the name recorded in the Telstra Trades Assist partner’s application. Can be blank.



    Stocked Amount  

    Number to Set current stock level.    




    Set to Y to remove this record from the database. The record will only be removed if it has not been used.


    * Note On update any blank column will not be altered

  7. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV (Comma delimited) file (not the standard Excel file) when you are done entering your parts list. You can choose CSV over the standard Excel file format when you ‘save as’.
  8. You may want to save the CSV file to your desktop so you can easily access the file for your bulk upload.


Uploading the saved CSV file to Telstra Trades Assist

  1. You can Drag and Drop the file in the section where it mentions 'CSV Drag and Drop' or
  2. Click on the box that says 'Drag and Drop File' and select the saved CSV file from the folders on your desktop.

TipEnable pop ups in your browser settings, so Telstra Trades Assist can tell you when the upload has been successful (go to your browser settings to do this). 


Telstra Trades Assist will automatically match the data to the appropriate area. A new screen or tab will open to show you the success or failure of each part line.  You are looking for an OK label at the end of each line (as highlighted in red below) to show the success of your changes.

  • Example: 44332211,Electrical Wire 10m,Material,,18,40,gst,,,,100,,OK 11223344,Extra Large Gasket,Material,,12.5,15.5,gst,,,,100,, Ok end Processing file

The new parts and/or and updated parts will now be adjusted within Telstra Trades Assist. Any new quotes or jobs will being using the updated information.

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