Telstra Trades Assist uses a set of standard email templates to send pdfs to customers and suppliers such as Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders. 


Quote template 

Quotes are sent using an interactive email templatethat let customers automatically accept or reject the quote within the body of the email.   

A notification will be sent to your mobile device when the Quote has been accepted or rejected. 

  1. When a quote is sent to a customer, they receive an email with the quote attached in pdf format.  
  2. A customer can accept or reject the quote by selecting a button within the body of the email. 
  3. A notification is sent to your mobile app to let you know if the quote has been accepted or rejected, allowing you to immediately schedule the job or re-quote the work 
  4. The standard email template has an orange bar at the top. This contains the word ‘Quote’ or ‘Invoice’, your business name and ABN. 
  5. Below the orange bar is the customer’s information along with details about the quote.  The bottom of the email has two large buttons to make it easy for the customer to accept or reject your quote. 

Tip: Schedule the job once the customer has accepted the quote by clicking the ‘accept’ button on the email they will receive.  

Tip: When creating a new job/quote the default setting is to send summary totals for labour and materials. Learn how to adjust this default setting for creating new jobs/quotes here.


Quote email: Attached pdf quote:



Invoice Emails 

  1. When you generate an invoice it can be automatically emailed to the customer. Click here to learn how you can turn off your email settings for invoicing in your Business Options
  2. Customers will receive an email with the attached Invoice PDF.
  3. The standard invoice template has a blue bar at the top with the word ‘Invoice’, your business name and ABN.

Below the blue bar, you will find the customer’s details.

Invoice email: Attached PDF invoice:



Purchase Order Emails 

  1. When you generate a purchase order, it is automatically emailed to the supplier.
  2. The supplier you have added to your Partners will receive an email with an attached pdf of the purchase order.

Tip:  learn more about adding a preferred supplier here

  1. The email template contains your business information in the header and your business name and ABN in the grey bar at the top of the purchase order.
  2. Like the quote and the invoice, the purchase order email clearly indicates that it is a purchase order.
  3. Below the grey bar, you will find the supplier’s information and purchase order details.


Purchase Order email: Attached purchase order PDF:


Tip: Generating an email from Telstra Trades Assist will automatically send a copy to the user who created or generated the request, this allows you to keep a copy for your own records. 

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