This article will show you how to add new customers to Telstra Trades Assist.

Setting-up and managing your customers

Creating a customer with as many details as possible is important, as it saves you and your team time when using the app. Whenever you create a quote or job the information in your customer profile is auto-populated into the job detail.

There are a few things to consider when adding or editing a customer record

  • Is your customer a commercial or residential client?
  • Do you have a primary site contact phone and email address?
  • Does your Customer have multiple sites?
  • Are there any Job Checklists associated with this customer?

Tip: Toggle the status of a customer as being active and inactive instead of deleting their record.  An inactive customer’s details will be retained in Trades Assist but their details will not be available to assign to Jobs. 


Add a Customer

Customers can be added to your account using the admin console and the mobile app. This guide will show you how to create customers in the admin console.

Tip: Learn how to add customers from the mobile app here


Add Contact details

  1. Click  from the Side Menu.
  2. Click  in the top right corner of the page. This will open the New Customer page.

  3. Click  at the top right of your page, to enter a residential or commercial customer
  4. If you are adding a commercial customer, their Business Name will be the unique identifier for the customer record.

Tip: If you are adding a commercial customer and you have their ABN, you can enter it here and Telstra Trades Assist will perform a real-time look up to verify the ABN and pre-populate your customers’ registered business name.



  1. Complete the customer’s details including: First Name, Last Name, primary phone numbers and email address.
  2. Now type in the customer’s Main Address  
  3. To add additional phone or email accounts click the  or  buttons
  4. Should additional contacts be required click  and then fill in the contact details.
  5. You can attach a note to a Customer record if there is additional information that workers need to access about this Customer.

Tip: Fill out any fields marked with an * as it is required information for creating a customer record in Trades Assist. 

Add additional site details

If your customer has multiple site addresses you can add these into their customer record allowing you to specify a location for each Job.

For example, a real estate agent whose main address is their office may have multiple site addresses for their rental properties where you complete work.

Add site address

  1. To add an additional site, click  from the tabs at the top then click  to complete the form ensuring you fill in all mandatory fields marked *

  2. Click  to add additional contact names and phone numbers for this site address.
  3. If you decide to delete the site 


Customer Checklists 

If you need workers to complete a checklist for Jobs that are assigned to a particular Customer, you can add a checklist to a Customer’s record.

For example, if your customer requires a health and safety inspection before any job can begin on site, you can add a checklist to the customer record which will prompt workers to complete it when they start the job.

  1. Click the  tab
  1. Click , any checklists you have added will be displayed as you start typing. If you need to create a new checklist, click .

Tip: Learn how to create checklists here

Financial Details

This tab allows you to enter specific financial information about your Customer, such as a price list that applies to all their jobs or choosing to consolidate their invoicing.

  1. If there is a price-list to use when pricing jobs for this customer, click on , or if you need to create a new price list, click .
  2. Turn the Invoice Consolidation toggle on  if you’d like your customer to receive a single invoice, rather than multiple invoices for their jobs.
  3. If your customer is GST exempt then toggle the Tax-Exempt switch to on  and add the relevant tax code.
  4. Click  to save the information.


Customer map location

When a Customer is created in Trades Assist, their site address is located on a Customer Map

  1. Click  from the Side Menu to access the Customer Map.
  2. Click  to zoom in/out to see their exact location.

The Customer map shows all of your customers’ addresses, using a map pin with their initials that locates their address. You can click on the pin to view a customer’s profile

TipViewing The Customer Map is also available on the mobile app using an iPad. 


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