Viewing an Asset


If your business is tracking business or customer-owned assets, you can access the Asset to update its details, location and condition or to add a new meter reading.

This article will show you how to view and edit Assets using the mobile app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tip: To learn how to create a new asset using the mobile app click here, or to learn how to view and edit assets using the admin console click here.


Viewing an Asset

  1. Tap  from the taskbar at the bottom of the app
  2. A list of Assets that your business is tracking is displayed here


  1. Select  to view customer assets or  to view your businesses assets
  2. Tap  and type in the Asset name or Customer to search for the Asset
  3. The search will return the matching Asset.Tap on the Asset to see its Details.


  1. Scroll up and down to see the Asset details, its location and any meter readings that have been recorded for this Asset
  2. Asset Details shows general information about the Asset Name and part number
  3. Asset Location shows the Customer and address details of the Asset’s location
  4. Meters will show details of the meters currently set up for the asset. You can tap  to see the meters recorded history, or  to add a new one.


  1. Condition will show you the remaining expected lifespan of the asset, as well as condition and warranty details
  2. Purchase Info will contain information regarding the purchase of the product e.g. purchase price
  3. Current Jobs will show which jobs are currently open against the asset
  4. Notes is where any notes attached to this Asset are displayed.
  5. Tap  to see all the note or add a new note    


Editing an Asset

  1. Tap  from the bottom of the app
  2. Tap  then tap the required Asset after finding it from the list
  3. Tap  in the top right corner to Edit the Asset
  4. Select  from the menu
  5. The Asset Details, location and purchase information is now editable
  6. Update Asset details to edit the Asset Name, manufacturer, Serial number or Part number
  7. If the Asset is no longer operational you can toggle off the Operational switch 
  8. To change the Status of the Asset select  then choose from one of the below options


  1. Tap  to change the Asset location to a different Customer location
  2. Tap  if you need to add a new meter for this asset
  3. Update the Condition of the Asset by editing Remaining life, Warranty expiry and % condition rating.



  1. Tap  next to  to change Purchase Info about this Asset. This will indicate the Asset as being owned by your business and will now be available in  
  2. Tap  to add a note to this asset.

Tip: Learn more about adding notes to an asset using the mobile app here


Deleting an Asset

  1. Tap  from the taskbar at the bottom of the app
  2. Tap  then tap the required Asset after finding it from the list.
  3. Tap  in the top right corner


  1. Tap 


  1. Tap  to delete the asset

Tip: Only Assets which have not yet been attached to a job are able to be deleted, Learn how to make an asset inactive here


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