Viewing an Asset

If your business is tracking business or customer-owned assets you access an Asset’s details using the mobile app to edit or update its details, location or add a new meter reading.

This article will show how to view an existing asset and edit its details using the iPhone. If you are using the iPad, it will look similar.

Tip: Click here to learn how to create a new asset using the mobile app, or here to learn how to view and edit assets using the admin console.


Viewing an Asset

  1. Tap on the task bar of the mobile app
  2. A list of Assets that your business is tracking is displayed here

  3. Select Customer to view customer assets or Our Assets to view your businesses’ assets

  4.  Type in the Asset name or Customer to search for the Asset
  5. The search will return the matching Asset.Tap on the Asset to see its Details.

  6. Swipe up and down to see the Asset details, its location and any meters readings that have been recorded for this Asset.
  7. Asset Details shows general information about the Asset Name and part number.
  8. Asset Location shows the Customer and address details of the Asset’s location
  9. Meters will show details of the meters currently set up for the asset. You can tap  to see the meters recorded history, or  to add a new one.
  10. Condition will show you the remaining expected lifespan of the asset, as well as condition and warranty details
  11. Purchase Info will contain information regarding the purchase of the product e.g. purchase price
  12. Current Jobs will show which jobs are currently open against the asset
  13. Notes is where any notes attached to this Asset are displayed.
  14. Tap  to see all the note or add a new note 
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