Viewing the Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to see the financial and operational performance of your business at a glance, helping you make informed business decisions by providing insights based on real-time data in simple, easy to read graphs.


Your dashboard can help you keep track of:  

  • Revenue and expenses 
  • High priority jobs and tasks 
  • Quote success ratios 
  • Marketing campaign success 
  • Billable hours and total dollars invoiced
  1. To access the dashboard, click  from the Side menu

  2. The Dashboard contains graphs (or widgets) which give an overview of your Active Jobs, Quotes, Scheduled hours and Revenue


Customise your Dashboard  

You can customise your Trades Assist home to display Dashboard information that’s important to you. This can be very useful in keeping track of high priority tasks that require your attention. 

  1. Go to Dashboard, select a widget and click  at the top right corner. 
  2. To add the widget to the home screen, click the Toggle . The Toggle will turn Green to indicate it has been added to your home screen. 
  3. Switch the Toggle off to remove the widget from your homescreen. 

Tip: To resize the widget click the  icon on the top left side corner of the widget and select your preferred size

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