Ordering stock using a purchase order

Keeping track of stock and materials, where they need to be allocated to, and knowing when to order more stock when levels are low is easy with Telstra Trades Assist. 

If you have uploaded supplier price lists in Partners, this will match prices to your parts, allowing you and your staff to create purchase orders easily and maintain a consistent level of materials and service.

Tip: Learn how to upload supplier price lists here, or learn more about keeping track of stock here.


Ordering new stock

  1. Click stock.png from the Side Menu. Your current stock list, stock on hand and allocated stock displays on the screen
  2. To place an order for a particular item, click the Cart.png shopping cart next to the item you wish to order. The purchase order will appear to the right of the screen
  3. If you have some of the selected items allocated to jobs the Application will automatically fill in how much of the stock is required
  4. The amount of stock you need to order can be adjusted by clicking the -.pngor _.png next to the item

  5. The preferred supplier associated with the stock item will automatically be selected. If there is no preferred supplier, select the supplier from
  6. The price of each part will be automatically updated using the price list you have uploaded for that vendor
  7. The total order amount will be displayed at the bottom of the shopping car
  8. To place the new purchase order click Order


  1. Click either deliver.png or pickup.png to determine stock delivery
  2. If picking up the stock, select the store you need the stock to be picked up from the drop-down menu
  3. If having stock delivered select the store to do the delivery then enter in the address for the stock to be dropped off
  4. Click  to save and process the ordertable6.png
  1. The purchase order has now been placed
  2. You will receive a copy of the purchase order in an email to your designated admin address
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