Creating quotes is easy using Telstra Trades Assist and is the first step in the job process. 

In this guide we cover how to create a new quote using the admin console.

Learn how to create a quote quickly using a pre-populated job template or create a custom quote.

Tip:  Learn how to create templates for frequently occurring jobs here <link: Advanced Features, Saving Time with templates>


Create a new Quote using a Template

  1. Click  from the Side Menu. This will open Jobs



The new quote has 4 sections to be filled in:

  1. Customer
  2. Labour & Material
  3. Checklist
  4. Schedule

Select Customer

  1. For existing customers, click  to search the customer. Either start typing the Customer’s name or tap the space bar to bring a list of existing customers. Click on the Customer to populate the Customer’s data into the Quote.
  2. For new customers, click  , tap the space bar and then click .


  1. Fill in all required information for the new customer.


Tip: To learn how to create a new customer, click here


Adding Labour & Materials

  1. Click  at the top of the page

  2. If you have Templates created you can use the  field located at the top of the page to apply the template to your quote.  .
  3. When no templates are being used click on Labour and search the labour rate from the  and then enter the Hours required for the job and click . If more labour needs to be added, follow the same step.
  4. The Labour will added in the list. To remove any labour, click
  5. To add Materials select  to show a list of your parts and kits, click the part required along with the quantity you require and click . Repeat until all parts have been added. To remove any material, click on


Tip:  To find your existing templates, labour and materials, start typing the name of your template, labour or materials or tap the space bar to bring up a list of templates, labour and materials


Adding a Checklist

If you have checklists set up, a checklist can be added to the quote so when the job is approved and scheduled, the worker needs to complete the checklist.  

Tip:  To learn how to set up checklists, click here <link:  Advanced features, Creating a checklist>

  1. Click on the 
  2. Click on  and select the required Checklist for the job. Click  to add the Checklist to the quote. To remove a checklist, click on 




  1. Click  to enter a name for the job.
  2. Click  to enter the number of hours the job should take to complete. This field will normally auto-fill with the number of hours of labour you entered into the Labour & Materials tab, but you can change it.

  3. Click the dropdown box under  to set the urgency of the job.
  4. Once all the necessary fields are filled in, you have four options on how to save this job: , and . The button you click depends on how you want this job saved and actioned.
  5. Click  If you want to save the quote as draft
  6. Click  to send the quote to the customer. This will save the job as a quote.
  7. You can also click  to directly schedule the job if the customer has approved the quote on the spot.
  8. If you want to exit without saving the job, click .


Tip: You may have noticed the heading Capture81.PNG. You do not need to add anything here. Site Notes will be automatically filled with any notes that were added in the Customer Profile field of the same name. Just another way Telstra Trades Assist tries to improve your job scheduling system

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