Creating a Job or Quote


Creating a quote is easy using Telstra Trades Assist and is the first step in the job process. 

This article will cover how to create a new job or quote using the admin console. 

Tip: Learn how to create a job using the mobile app on iPhone or iPad here.


Create a new Job or Quote

You can create a new job either from the Customer view or the Jobs View


Customer View

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  from the top of the screen to search for the relevant customer or locate them from the list
  3. Click  on the far right-hand side next to the customer you wish to create a job for
  4. A new Job will be started with the customers' details pre-filled


  1. Proceed to Step 12 ‘Labour and Materials’ to continue creating the job


Jobs View

  1. Click  from the Side Menu.


  2. Click  at the top right hand corner of the screen




  1. Click the  tab
  2. Click  to search for the customer. Either start typing the customers’ name Click on the Customer to populate the Customer’s data into the Quote
  3. Click  after tapping the space bar if the customer has not been created yet


  1. Fill in all required information for the new customer


Tip: Learn how to create a new customer here



Labour & Materials

  1. Click the  tab


  1. Click  if you have a job template you wish to apply to the job

Tip: Learn how to create a job template here.

  1. Click  if you are not using a template, then select the relevant labour type.
  2. Click  then enter the number of hours needed for the job.
  3. Click mceclip8.png to add the labour to the job, repeat as necessary for any different labour types.
  4. Click  then click  to create a new group. Enter a group name then click 


Tip: Groups are unique to each individual job and are useful if you want to group together labour or materials to be used for a specific portion of a job, i.e. grouping together an assortment of parts as “kitchen” so that workers on site know what is allocated to each particular section.

  1. Click  to remove any labour not required


  1. Click  then select any relevant materials
  2. Click  then enter the quantity of the selected material to be added to the job
  3. Click  to add the material to the job, repeat as necessary for all materials required. Click  to remove any materials not required.
  4. Repeat step 17 to add any materials to a group if required.

Tip: Turning on the toggles for invoices,  and will show a summary of total labour and total materials, rather then an itemised list of all labour types and parts used on the job. Turn the toggle to off for any job where an itemised list of labour and materials is preferred. 





If you have checklists set up, a checklist can be added to the quote so when the job is approved and scheduled, the worker needs to complete the checklist.  

Tip: Learn how to create checklists here.

  1. Click the  tab
  2. Click  and select the required checklist for the job
  3. Click  to add the checklist to the quote
  4. Click  to remove a checklist




Tip: Learn how to add an Insurance Certificate of Currency to your Business Profile as well as how to have them automatically be attached to your quotes here

  1. Click the  tab


  1. Click  next to any Policy Certificates you want to have attached to your quote so that it is ticked 



  1. Click  to enter a name for the job
  2. Click  to enter the number of hours the job should take to complete. This field will normally auto-fill with the number of hours of labour you entered into the Labour & Materials tab, but you can change it.


  1. Click  next to  to set the urgency of the job


Adjusting Profit Margin

After completing all the details of the quote, you are then able to adjust the profit you make on the job.

  1. Click  from the top right of the quote screen


  1. Click into the field below mceclip13.png, mceclip14.png or mceclip15.png to manually make an adjustment to the profit earned for either the Labour or Materials.
  2. You can also click and drag the slider to adjust the profit for either the Labour or Materials
  3. Click  to reset any changes made
  4. Click  from the top right hand corner to return to the Job

Tip:  Adjusting the profit in this way can only be done when you first make the quote or while it is still a draft. Once it has been sent to the customer it cannot be adjusted unless it is rejected which allows you to edit it and resend it to the customer. Once a quote is accepted by the customer you are no longer able to adjust the profit margin.

  1. Once all necessary fields are filled in, you have four options on how to save the job: , , , and .
  • Click  if you want to save the quote as a draft
  • Click  to send the quote to the customer. This will save the job as a quote.
  • Click  to directly schedule the job if the customer has approved the quote on the spot.
  • Click  if you want to exit without saving the job


Tip:  are added automatically based on any notes that are attached to the Customer card of the Customer the Job is created for.

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