Adding a Part

You may have already added parts by uploading a parts lists through bulk upload or importing them through MYOB or XERO.  

This article shows you how to add an individual part to your parts list using the admin console.

Tip: Learn how to add parts through a bulk upload here


Adding a new part

  1. Click  from the side menu.
  2. Choose  from the tabs along the top. 


  1. Click   in the top right hand corner to open the Add Part menu.
  2. The Add Part menu has many fields for information, but only six are mandatory for the creation of the part. Fill in the mandatory fields including Name, Type, Group, Cost price, Price, and Tax code.
  3. Under the Parts Details heading, click on Part No., Part Name, and Part Description to fill in the fields.
  4. Under the Select Parts heading, there are a number of fields you will need to address.
  5. The Part Type contains a drop-down menu with two options: Material and Cost. Material refers to a physical part that you record in your inventory. Cost refers to an item that you use and consume but is not necessarily tracked in inventory, for example, fuel.
  6. Choose the relevant Part Type.

  7. The Part Group contains a drop-down menu of all your existing parts groups. By default, it will currently be set to the part group you set as the default, but you can change it.
  8. Select the relevant Part Group


  9. Click on the field to enter the cost price. The Cost Price will be the price you pay to purchase the part.

  10. Click Price to enter the rate. The Price is the rate which you will charge customers for the part. The difference between this rate and Cost Price will determine the profit you make on each part you use.

  11. Choose the relevant tax code from the menu. The Tax code heading contains a drop-down menu of available tax codes.

  12. The Preferred Supplier heading contains a drop-down menu of all available suppliers. You may not have any listed yet, but you can always come back and edit this when you have some suppliers added.

  13. At the bottom, there is a Tax Exempt slide toggle. If the part is exempt from tax you can switch the toggle on. If you do you will have to provide a Tax exemption code in the field to the right. Otherwise, you can leave it blank.


  1. Once you are satisfied you have entered all the information, click create.png . Your new part will be added and will appear in the list under the Parts tab.


Tip: Purchasing a part will provide you with an invoice that contains most of the information on the Add Part menu. It is highly recommended you fill out all fields if possible.

Tip: Learn how to add partners and suppliers here

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