When a new job/quote has been approved it's ready to schedule to a worker.

An approved job means the quote has been accepted by the customer or approved by your admin.

This article covers how to schedule a job using the admin console.  Click here to learn how to schedule a job from the mobile app.

You can watch a video on scheduling jobs in the Admin Console here or follow the steps below.


Schedule a job using Planner

Jobs are found in both Jobs and Planner.

Viewing through Jobs shows a comprehensive list of existing jobs, along with their location on a map.  Viewing through the Planner will show the currently scheduled jobs and jobs that require scheduling, alongside your workers’ calendars.

Tip:  Jobs only lets you view jobs and their status.  For scheduling, you must use the Planner.


Viewing a job in Planner

  1. Click   from the Side Menu

  2. By default, you will see the unscheduled jobs. Click the  to change the view to see scheduled jobs, jobs requiring attention or all jobs 
  3. Click  for more options



  1. Change the date by clicking to go back a day or  to go forward a day
  2. Move through your workers by clicking on  to move to the next workers, or  to move back workers

Tip: The list of unscheduled jobs appears on the left.  If there are multiple unscheduled jobs, they will all appear in that list

Tip:  Depending on the level of zoom in your web browser, you may see more or less workers on each page.  100% zoom shows 3 workers, whilst lowering the zoom to 80% shows 5 workers. 

Tip:  White within the worker’s schedule shows they are available and grey shows they are not available.


Scheduling a job to a worker

  1. Find the worker you wish to schedule the job to
  2. Scroll down to find the timeframe you want to schedule the job for
  3. Left click and hold down the mouse button on the job you wish to schedule and drag your mouse cursor to the selected time slot and release the mouse button

Tip:  If you need to change the scheduled time of job, just left click and drag to the new time slot


Confirming the job is scheduled

There are two ways to confirm the job is scheduled

  1. The list on the left will no longer show any jobs and will be replaced with this logo:

  2. If you look at the job in the schedule, you will see the word ‘Scheduled’ in the bottom right corner



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