Creating a new Worker

If you need to add a new worker into Trades Assist you can do this using the admin console.

Simply add the workers' details and their role, and an email will be sent inviting them to log in and set their password. 


To add a new Worker

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  in the top right corner of the page. This will open the New Worker page


  1. Complete the form for your worker’s contact information: First Name, Last Name, and Employee type, Phone Number, Email, Phone Number Type and Email Address Type. Now fill out the worker’s Address.
  2. To add additional Phone or Email accounts click the  /  button and fill in the relevant information
  3. The space for notes at the bottom can be used for capturing any extra details about the worker

Tip: Wherever the * appears, the field is mandatory, and will need to be filled out before you can progress to the next step as it is essential to future functionality.



  1. Click the  tab
  2. The email address entered in the email section of this tab will be used as the worker’s login email address for Telstra Trades Assist.
  3. Click  for the worker to receive their first-time password. The new password will be sent to the email address you entered in Details.
  4. Set the App Permissions depending on whether you want the worker to access the admin console, the mobile app or both by turning the toggle  to green for on
  5. Set the role for the worker using the  list

Tip: If you wish the workers access to differ from any of the preset options you'll need to either create a new access role or edit an existing one. Click here to learn how to add a new worker access role, or edit an existing one.



  1. Click  to set the worker’s availability
  2. Fill the day, start time and finish and click to add worker’s availability
  3. Click  to remove worker’s availability if you’d like to remove worker availability for any day
  4. To add holidays for a worker, fill the Dates and Times and click  



  1. Clickto enter worker’s Band and Qualification
  2. To enter a qualification, select the qualification from the list and enter the expiry date of the qualification and click 
  3. Once all the relevant fields are filled in, click  and a new worker is now created.

Tip:  Click here to learn how to manage worker bands and qualifications and here to learn how to create new worker skills


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