Adding a new Customer site

If a Customer has multiple sites, these can be added into their Customer record so any new jobs can be scheduled to that location. This article will show you how to add a new customer site to a new or existing customer.

Tip: Learn how to view and edit an existing customer site here.


Adding sites to a new Customer

To add a site to a new customer you must first create the customer

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  in the top right hand corner
  3. Fill out the required details on the contact tab
  4. Click 
  5. Click 
  6. Fill out the required details for the additional site including the site and contact details

  7. Click  to add more sites for the Customer.  Fill out details for each site until you are satisfied that all the customers’ sites have been added.
  8. Click 
  9. The customer will now be added as a new customer and the Customers sites will appear under Customers in the Side Menu

Adding sites to an existing Customer

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Select the customer you need to add the additional site to
  3. Click 
  4. Click 
  5. Fill out the required details for the particular site including the address and contact details
  6. Click 
  7. The newly added customer sites will now appear under Customer Sites
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